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Developing the Whole Athlete
Elite Golf Instruction within a Constructivist Context

At the Brent Morrison Golf Academy, we provide accelerated golf programs for adults and competitive junior golfers throughout Canada and worldwide. The following principles guide how we encourage our students to reach their personal best.

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  1. Learning is an Individual, Unique Process
    We believe that golf instruction must engage the entire physiology; effective teachers address more than the intellect! Our instructors employ a variety of different learning strategies and take learning modalities into consideration. For example, Student A may find it beneficial to watch an instructor hit a draw (visual learning) before attempting to execute the same shot. Student B may lose attention when the instructor demonstrates the draw, but will make the connection when physically guided through the motion in a swing trainer. Student C may benefit from both a demonstration (visual) and a swing trainer (kinesthetic), but will really start to engage with a technical explanation by the instructor on why the shot works (auditory). It is the task of the instructor or coach to identify how each student learns best, and to teach to these strengths in order to help students benefit the most from their golf instruction.

  2. Learning is Not a Passive Activity
    Our students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, identifying their golf objectives at the outset of their instruction and assessing the quality of their learning throughout their program. Questioning techniques are regularly employed in the lesson dialogue, encouraging students to analyze, interpret, and predict information. Queries such as Why do you think the ball flight is low when the ball travels left? and What do you think will happen when the club is stuck behind the body on the downswing? help students to make connections in their learning and foster new understanding.

  3. Effective Golf Instruction Addresses both the Part and the Whole
    We believe golf instruction involves much more than imparting isolated technical facts on how to hit the golf ball. It is centered on helping students, regardless of age or experience, to make meaning from the instruction experience. To this end, communicating the "big picture" to the student plays a significant role in cultivating new skills. A classic example of addressing technique in isolation is the beginner lesson where the student is first instructed on grip & stance. Alternately, we seek to provide a broader frame of reference for the student, such as getting the club in front of the body with a square clubface and immediately improving ball flight. When students are able to conceptualize the whole swing, they are better able to process how the individual parts work within the big picture. Addressing the why as much as the how assists the student in understanding his or her individual swing tendencies and the corrections recommended by the instructor.

  4. Total Game Improvement goes beyond the Technical Aspects of the Golf Swing
    We address the need for additional education components that are crucial to helping a student elevate his or her golf game to a distinctive calibre. By educating golf students on making optimal food choices, participating in fitness cross-training (strength training & yoga) and addressing the mental game (both on-course and in specialized sport psychology sessions), we empower students to move beyond average to find their true potential.

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